Carpal tunnel operation photos

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic mixed with adrenaline. The adrenaline allows a bloodless field and therefore the operation now does not need an uncomfotable torniquet.

The anaesthetic is usually injected by my anaesthetist. After about 10 minutes the area to be operated upon will have become numb. The rest of the hand will feel normal.

The hand is then painted with alcoholic iodine solution to clean the surgical area. The hand is draped in sterile sheets to allow a sterile field in which to operate.

A nurse will talk to you throughout your operation or you can chose music to listen through the speakers or with headphones.

A skin incision about 3 cm is made once the skin is numb

The fat is spread and held back by a small retractor.

The transverse carpal ligament can be seen in the base of the wound. I have begun to release it and you can see the small incision that I have made in it. 


This incision is continued under direct vision released the whole of the ligament.

The nerve and tendons are now free from compression below the released ligament.

The wounds are closed with tiny non absorbable sutures.

A wool and crepe dressing are applied to the hand allowing total finger movement.

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