Prehabilitation at the Alexandra Hospital

We are pleased to offer on most Wednesday operating sessions at the Alexandra Hospital, in Cheadle, a prehabilitation service.

Mike Hayton's usual pre and post operative visits on the day of operation will be accompanied by his hand therapist, Rachel Delaney. Rachel will be on hand to offer free advice on any aspects of rehabilitation, including post operative exercises that will allow you to recover in the minimum of time.

Rachel will then be in the operating theatre during the surgery to gain a better understanding of the specific characteristics of operation to tailor a bespoke rehabilitation if required.

This face to face information, when given before your operation, and the information from the operation, will aid your recovery and ensure that you are receiving the best possible care.

Rachel will also be able to ensure you are able to book directly into one of her post operative rehabilitation clinics if your surgery requires specific therapy.

Mike is delighted with the development of this new service. He is convinced that the best possible surgical outcomes can be achieved when a multidisciplinary approach is utilised. A one on one interface with my hand therapist on the day of surgery is a very exciting new service that we hope will be of benefit.