The Incidence and Characteristics of Trigger digits in Patients with Diabetes

Authors from a recent publication in Japan looked to investigate the incidence of trigger digits and multiple trigger digits in patients with diabetes.

544 patients took part in this study, all of whom were diabetic, with 25% dependent upon insulin, 64% oral medication, and 10% controlled by diet.
Results showed the risk of trigger digit was significantly higher in insulin dependent patients.
Results also showed the average duration of diabetes was significantly longer in the multiple trigger digit group (54 patients).

132 trigger digit patients had their data reviewed independently, 27 of whom were diabetic and 62 of whom had multiple trigger digit involvement.
The incidence of trigger digits in patients with diabetes was approximately four times greater than the general population.

Research has generally shown that trigger digit is most commonly found in middle-aged women; however this publication suggests that men and women with diabetes are equally as affected by trigger digit.

S.Koh. S.Nakamura, T.Hattori and H.Hirata

From the department of Hand surgery, Nagoya University graduate school of medicine, Nagoya, department of orthopaedic surgery, Kakegawa city general hospital, Kakegawa, and Hattori internal medicine clinic, Kakegawa.



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