Audit on Mike Hayton's surgery

Audit on Mike Hayton's surgery

Healthcare professionals should constantly try to improve their results and be able to compare such results with the published data from other surgeons and literature. Recently Mike Hayton has commissioned an independent assessment to audit the results of two common operations that he performs. Specifically they looked at trapeziectomy for base of thumb arthritis and also the results for PIPJ finger joint replacement using a silicone Neuflex implant.

Patients over a two year period, that were more than 12 months following their operation, were contacted by telephone. They were asked a series of questions that formulate a well known patient reported outcome measures (PROM),  the PEM, a well recognised indicators of function in the hand and upper limb.

They were also asked about the service that Mr Hayton provides and whether they would recommend him to family and friends.

The PEM score ranges from 11/77 ( normal hand) through to 77/77 ( worst possible pain and poor function). 


Sample size 14                      Pre-op PEM Avg = 51.5                    Post-op PEM Avg = 28.3

This data set compares very favourably with the published literature. 

86% of patients said they would have the operation again 

PIPJ replacement

Sample size 18                        Post-op PEM Average = 25.4

78% of patients said they would have the operation again.

Again this demonstrates good functional improvement in these patients.

With regard to the service Mr Hayton provided from a sample size 32 the following results were obtained.

Regardless of clinical outcome, how would you rate the overall service provided by Mr Hayton?

Excellent = 27 (85%)         Good = 3 (9%)                       Satisfactory = 1 (3%)                           Poor = 1 (3%)

Would you recommend Mr Hayton to family/friends?

Yes = 30 (94%)                       No = 1 (3%)                             Undecided = 1 (3%)

Based on this data there seems to be an overall high level of patient satisfaction and compares very favourably with the published literature.

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