Xiapex for Dupuytren's Disease

Xiapex withdrawn on commercial grounds

In 2012 a new treatment for Dupuytren's was approved for use in the UK after many years of research. Direct injection of the enzyme, clostridium histiolyticum collagenase (Xiapex), into the collagen-rich cords was shown to cause breakdown of the structure of the cord and rupture of Dupuytren cord.  

Unfortunately, Xiapex has been withdrawn from clinical use for Dupuytren's disease for commercial reasons. This is very disappointing as it was proving to highly effective.

Mike is able to offer alternatives including percutaneous needles fasciotomy (PNF) or open surgery. Surgery is often performed under local anaesthetic (without a torniquet)  as a day case walk in / walk out without the need for a bed.