Once we have a diagnosis from taking a thorough history from you, listening to you, examining you, and also occasionally arranging special investigations, we will then start to talk about how we can try and help you. We will talk about the treatment options. I will show you on anatomical models exactly what is going on with your hand, whether it is a problem with a tendon, a ligament, a bone, a joint, or even a nerve. I will show you the bone structures, and how the bones communicate and connect with each other, but I will also try and show you the ways that we can hold bones together. I will combine this also with showing some of the operations that I have done before if you are not particularly squeamish because often patients do like to see what their hand will look like during the operation, and many of the hospitals that I operate at have 4G cameras so you can actually watch the operation yourself, but as I say that is only if you want to. We can put a screen up if you don't want to look at the operation.