Video Consultation

Mike has been offering Tele-medicine consultations for many years even before Covid. 

They avoid patients and cares having to travel to a hospital for a face to face appointment. In addition, many of his patients travel from all over the country, and this saves them a full day trip to the North West of England to see him.

They can video consult do this from the comfort of their own home, or from an office, and it avoids them interfering with their busy lifestyles. Tele-medicine is not for everyone however, and often he need to physically examine a hand at the first consultation, and in such cases a tele-medicine consultation would not be offered. 

Please contact The OrthTeam centre for an appt 0161 447 6888 and they will send an email with a specific link for a secure zoom appointment.




In using this service, we both agree to the video consultation and fully understand that it does not replace a face-to-face consultation with clinical examination.  Having appreciated these limitations we would both agree that a video consultation would still have value to the management of your condition.