British Association Sports and Exercise Medicine

British Association Sports and Exercise Medicine

Mike was invited to talk at the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) last week in Cardiff. He spoke about the common soft tissue hand injuries that affect athletes.

These included amongst other topics

Mallet Finger

The extensor tendon that straightens the tip of the finger is pulled off the. Bone. This is often treated not operatively but occasionally needs surgery if a large bone fragment is pulled off or the joint subluxes ( drops down). 

Jersey Finger

The long flexors tendon (flexor digitorum profundus FDP)that bends the end of the finger into the palm is pulled off the bone. This usually requires to be reattached with a 3 month rehabilitation period. Occasionally circumstances dictate that it can be left alone but the athlete will not be able to bend the end finger joint – further options are available at a later date if required.

Boutonierre deformity

The extensor tendon (central slip) is pulled off the back of the middle knuckle joint. This is often treated not operatively

Skier’s thumb

The ligament on the inside of the thumb knuckle is pulled off and results in laxity. Surgery is often required. Mike presented his results in professional athlete’s with a 4 week return to play post injury (and surgery) in a custom made protective splint.

The feedback has been encouraging and the talk was well received. 

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