BSSH Sports Hand Injury RTP symposium

BSSH Sports Hand Injury RTP symposium

Mike has been invited to chair a sports injury of the hand symposium at the 2019  joint annual meeting of the British Society of Surgery of the Hand and British Association of Hand Therapists  to be held in Swansea.

Mike has discussed his experience in treating specific sports injuries of the hand and wrist at this and other conference over the last few years. What has been missing however, is the preparation of the athlete from hand clinic discharge to a successful return to play. 

The dilemma we often have is when the ligament, tendon or bone has healed,  the patient  discharge from hand clinic but the athlete is not ready to compete. 

Mike is brought together an impressive faculty of leading physiotherapists and team doctors from the National sporting organisations of sports that commonly sustain hand injuries,  to address the specifics of their individual sport and what makes the athlete able to  return to play.

More details on the session  will be posted  as the  individual talks begin to take shape.

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