Bullet Point Topics - Trigger Digit

Bullet Point Topics - Trigger Digit

Likely Condition

Trigger Digit


No difference

Age range

Usually over 30, occasionally childhood

Hand Dominance

Not affected


Not affected


Sticking, locking or "triggering" of the finger in the palm after making a full fist

Releases with a snapping sensation

Physical examination

Typical catching of the finger during flexing (bending) and extending (straightening) of the finger


Occasionally associated with diabetes -ask for this to be checked out

Non operative treatment

A corticosteroid injection is effective in 50-80% of cases of trigger digit

Operative treatment

Trigger digit release surgery is performed as a day case operation under local anaesthetic. Small 1cm incision.

Operative time

Approximately 10 minutes

Likely success



Very rare - damage to nerve and blood vessels, infection

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