Bullet Points - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bullet Points - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Likely Condition

Carpal tunnel Syndrome


More common in females

Age range

Usually over 30

Hand Dominance

No difference


No proven links


Pins and needles in thumb, middle and ring fingers

Wake from sleep and shake hand to gain relief

Physical examination

Pressure over the front of the wrist by your doctors thumb and fingers may reproduce your symptoms, particularly if your wrist is bent forward (modified Phalen's test)


Nerve conduction studies

Non operative treatment


Carpal tunnel injections usually only temporary

Operative treatment

Open surgical release of the carpal tunnel

Operative time

10 minutes

Likely success

Very high


Rare, but include infection (<1%), damage to nerves (<2%), scar tenderness (5%) and failure to resolve symptoms (5%, less if pre-operative nerve conduction studies positive)

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