Clinical negligence talk at APIL annual conference

Clinical negligence talk at APIL annual conference

Mike is due to speak this week at the Celtic Manor resort on common hand and wrist problems that are brought to the attention of clinical negligence lawyers.

Mike will give an overview on the basic anatomy and function of the hand and wrist before talking specifically about the various injuries and problems that can occur.

The scaphoid fracture is often missed by clinicians and Mike will give his thoughts on how to suspect a scaphoid fracture, confirm the diagnosis with imaging and then give the treatment options available in managing this bone. 

When the scaphoid does not heal it often leads to long-term problems and the wrist including restricted range of movement ongoing pain and secondary osteoarthritis. 

Mike will also cover other topics including the management of distal radial fractures including discussing the likely outcomes in various age groups and functional demands.

He will also talk on the “fight bite injury” and how a wound over the metacarpophalangeal joint ( knuckle) is often caused by human tooth and requires urgent exploration and wound washout and debridement.



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