Mike at Therapy Expo

Mike at Therapy Expo

This week saw Mike  and resource team colleagues  Mike Karski, Cy Ng  and  Chris Peach  talking about the therapy at the NEC in Birmingham.

Mike spoke on recent advances in hand and wrist surgery  and pay particular attention  to the use of  wide-awake local anaesthesia no tourniquet surgery (WALANT)  and use this as a topic to introduce some  unusual surgical procedures.  he spoke  on  extensor ulnaris tendon (ECU) stabilisation,  climbers pulley injuries,  small joint arthroplasty,  tendon transfers  and wide-awake  dynamic wrist arthroscopy.

The key take a message from Mike's talk  was that  such wide-awake surgery has significant advantages to  the patient, the surgeon and the rehabilitation from the physiotherapist.  many of these cases  benefit from the biofeedback that awake patient can offer such as assessing range of movement,  assessing the integrity of the repair by putting the repair under load,  and also ensuring that there is no snagging or restriction of movement that maybe otherwise missed if the patient were asleep. 

Mike finished off his  his presentation talking about the new  Scaphoid plate  used to treat difficult non-union fractures  and also the options in treating basis of osteoarthritis  including trapeziectomy,  base of thumb fusion  or more recently  total joint arthroplasty.

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