Mike spoke at Orthopaedic Research UK course

Mike spoke at Orthopaedic Research UK course

Mike was honoured to be on a joint faculty with some old friends in sports medicine.
The first talk was delivered by Dr Mike Loosemore, Chief medical O for British boxing. He shared his vast experience in dealing with elite boxes over last 15 to 20 years, and indeed much of the work has been a joint collaboration between Mike Hayton and Mike Loosemore. Mike spoke on common injuries that affect boxes including extensor hood tears and carpometacarpal instability.
The next speaker was Dr Roger Hawkes Chief Medical Officer for the European Golf Tour. Roger gave a customary lively lecture on the golf swing and mechanisms to help a treating clinician work out what pathological process may occur.

Dr James Thing spoke on common injuries affecting tennis players and explained the varying tennis grips and how they can affect the hand and wrist and cause injury.

Mike himself spoke on the surgical intervention in the hand and wrist but was mindful to remind the audience that nonoperative methods should be exhausted before proceeding to surgery. However some conditions do require immediate surgical intervention including some fractures such as the scaphoid proximal pole,  skiers thumb injuries and fractures and dislocations of the digits requiring manipulation and stabilisation.


The highlight of the day for Mike was listening to a very experienced physiotherapist who specialises in climbing injuries. Paul Houghoughi from Poole gave an outstanding lecture covering all aspects of climbers finger injuries and his extensive experience in treating such athletes.

 Ian Gatt ,senior physiotherapist from British Boxing, gave a talk on objective assessments and measurements to aid rehabilitation and finally Jerry Healy gave an excellent overview of imaging in the hand and wrist


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