Mike to speak in Cologne this week on hand trauma

Mike to speak in Cologne this week on hand trauma

Mike is honoured to have been invited back to speak to European delegates on hand and wrist injuries as part of Stryker's commitment to medical education.

Mike will give three talks on the hand and wrist session. 

His first talk will be  on the management of distal radial fractures and will hope to educate the audience on the current literature available to treat this common injury. Mike will give an overview of distal radial fractures, their mechanism of injury, the fracture pattern and optimal ways to treat. He will discus the various fixation methods including immobilisation in a POP,  closed reduction and wire fixation, external fixation, bridging plate, and the most common open reduction and internal fixation.  The complications of each of these will be discussed and techniques used to try and minimise such risk.

Mike will then talk on metacarpal fractures and how the majority of these are treated non operatively and will share with the audience the various  methods of fixing these fractures if required.

Mike's final talk is on how he approaches fractures in the hand and will hope to give a more holistic approach in how he manages these common injuries.


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