Mike's last talk of 2018 at the Gherkin

Mike's last talk of 2018 at the Gherkin

Last week Mike rounded off a busy year of lecturing by speaking at the Gherkin in London as part of the Medartis Masterclass series.

The topic of the evening was Scaphoid fractures and Mike shared his experiences using the Medartis scaphoid plate.

Mike is a paid member of the Medartis scaphoid plate working group and gave the delegates an overview of his indications for using the plate and also some tips on the surgical techniques.  

The  most frequent  indication for using  the Scaphoid plate  is in the management of  Scaphoid non-unions  that have previously undergone internal fixation using a headless screw  and have  developed internal cavitation around the loose screw.  by placing a plate  at 90°  to the previous internal fixation  excellent stability can be obtained  on the bone graft held in place with the central  limbs of the plate.

Other indications for using the  Scaphoid plate  are very vertical  oblique  fractures  and also  scaphoid fractures  with marked  central comminution  that  may collapse  into the humpback deformity with a central compressive screw.


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