Motion preserving procedures for wrist arthritis

Motion preserving procedures for wrist arthritis

Mike will be speaking at the Wrightington Tips and Tricks in Hand and Wrist Surgery conference this week.

One of his talks will be on the differences between  proximal row carpectomy and partial wrist fusions. These are two common motion preserving procedures for osteoarthritis of the wrist. 

Another of his talks will concentrate on non surgical treatments for Dupuytren's disease including Collagens injections, PNF and radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is not widely prescribed for Dupuytren's disease and Mike hopes to inform the delegates on the indications and facilities that offer the treatment.

 His final talk will be on the use of a scaphoid plate for treating complex scaphoid fractures and in particular non unions with central bone loss following previous internal fixation using an internal screw.

 The Wrightington hand and wrist courses are always well attended and a combination of expert faculty together with a knowledgable audience usually producing a great learning environment.

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