Paper on the boxer's hand has been published in the J Hand Surgery (Eu)

Paper on the boxer's hand has been published in the J Hand Surgery (Eu)

J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2013 May 6. [Epub ahead of print]

Combined joint fusion for index and middle carpometacarpal instability in elite boxers.

Nazarian N, Page RS, Hoy GA, Hayton MJ, Loosemore M


Isolated instability of the index and middle finger carpometacarpal joints is uncommon. An unpublished injury pattern in a consecutive series of 13 elite boxers is described, with mid-term radiological and functional results of two novel surgical treatments. All the boxers (from Australia and the UK) were unable to compete owing to pain and weakness. Four boxers were managed initially by open reduction and temporary K-wire fixation. Nine boxers underwent primary carpometacarpal arthrodesis. All were able to return to their previous level of competition. One boxer who had undergone a soft tissue reconstruction competed at international level but required an arthrodesis because of recurrent symptoms. In elite boxers, simple reduction and wiring may be appropriate for an acute injury causing index or middle finger carpometacarpal joint instability, however, arthrodesis is the treatment of choice when instability and degenerative changes are present.


Carpometocarpal joint, boxers, fusion, instability, sport trauma

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