Published article on wide awake small joint arthroscopy

Published article on wide awake small joint arthroscopy

Mike and his Wrightington colleague Chye Ng, along with  Bo Liu  from Beijing have published an article  in the respected journal " and clinics"  this month.

They share their experiences in  hand and wrist small joint arthroscopy  using the wide-awake local anaesthesia no tourniquet technique (WALANT).  the article talks  about  anaesthetising the portal sites, the technical aspects  of visualising the inside of such small joints  and the various therapeutic options that are available.

The joints that are discussed  using this wide-awake technique  of the wrist joint,  the MCP joint,  the PIP joint,  and the  CMC joint of the thumb.

 One of the most rewarding parts of  local anaesthesia  with the patient wide awake  is that the patient  can see at first hand  the abnormal areas inside their joint  and speak to their surgeon about the implications and future treatment options.  Other benefits  include the ability for the patient to move or  grip their hands  while the surgeon is looking at the bones  to assess instability and whether a ligament may have been ruptured.  This is a relatively new technique  and is still being developed  by Mike and his colleagues.

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