Reflections from European Hand Surgery Meeting (FESSH)

Reflections from European Hand Surgery Meeting (FESSH)

Mike spoke in Copenhagen at the European Society for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH).

He spoke on a variety of topics including sports injuries of the hand and arthroplasty of the small joints of the hand.


The sports injury topics were wide-awake hand surgery under local anaesthetic with no tourniquet (WALNT) and in particular his ability to perform Extensor Carpi Ulnaris stabilisation surgery in Golfers and flexor pulley reconstructions in elite climbers.

In other talks Mike shared his experiences with PIP joint replacements using the Silastic hinge  and how he performs this surgery, again, wide awake with no tourniquet. The particular benefit of surgery wide awake is that the patient is able to move their finger and therefore the range of movement and stability of the joint can be assessed before the definitive implant is inserted and the wounds closed.

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