Video Consultations available due to coronavirus

Video Consultations available due to coronavirus

Mike has been offering video consultations for a number of years, mainly for his overseas and long-distance patients and is able to extend this service to those patients  that would prefer not come to a private hospital  appointment.

Video consultations are an excellent way to communicate for the majority of hand and wrist conditions, particularly follow-up appointments.

They clearly do not replace a face-to-face consultation where a clinical examination may be required. However,  in these unprecedented times,  I am of the opinion,  provided we both understand these limitations,  I would be happy to hold video consultations until the recent events have improved.

Please email me  if you would like to arrange a video consultation.  These can be performed through a variety of platforms including  FaceTime,  Skype, WhatsApp video  or Zoom.

However, he has recently purchased a license for nhs.attendanywhere which is secure and can create a virtual waiting room and this is his preferred platform.

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