Xiapex now available for two injections at one visit

Xiapex now available for two injections at one visit

We are pleased to be able to report that two Xiapex injections can now be given at the same time. This is a major advancement as many patients have multi cord disease and will allow the treatment to be completed quicker than multiple visits for staged injections.

Sobi the distribution company quoted in their summary of product characteristics.

“Injections in up to two cords or two affected joints in the same hand can be administered according to the injection procedure during a treatment visit. Two palpable cords affecting two joints may be injected or one palpable cord affecting two joints in the same finger may be injected at two locations during a treatment visit.”

Some recent research in the American Journal of Hand Surgery (paper is available on request) suggests that two cord injections are safe and have no greater adverse events than single cord injection apart from a slight increase in skin tears. In my experience skin tears occur approximately 10% of the time and heal very quickly with two for four weeks.

Fixed price packages are available on request for one and two cord injections please email info@mikehayton.com

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